About Stavordale

Providing the best in Raw dog food.

The Stavordale Story

Stavordale was established by Mike Moran, and is set amongst the back drop of the Stavordale Estate and Alfred'sTower between Bruton and Wincanton in Somerset.

Meet The Team

With a life times knowledge in animal health and welfare, the Stavordale team have created a range of raw dog food products designed for your furry friend. 

Why Raw Dog Food

Raw feeding aims to give your dog a diet that is appropriate to their digestive systems and as close as possible to what they might have eaten as wild animals. 

What goes in our food

We use only the best in sustainable, free range ingredients in our products. Happy, healthy animals and the freshest vegetables from local produces.

Email: info@stavordale.uk

Company No: GB10054599

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