About Stavordale

Nestled in the Stourhead estate is Stavordale

5 years ago we decided to move our dogs onto a raw diet. After consulting with several vets and nutritionists, we began mincing meats with fresh fruits, vegetable and herbs to create our own bespoke food. From this simple start, our range of raw dog food was born and now an ever-growing number of four-legged friends are enjoying a healthier, nutritionally balanced and tasty raw meat diet made from fully traceable 100% natural ingredients.

Each ingredient is specially selected to deliver optimum nutrition, digestibility and flavour, with none of the negative issues many people associate with high carbohydrate, grain-packed diets.

Let us help you to feed your dog an artisan healthy raw diet. Feeding our food will probably be the best decision you’ve made for a while.

We only use the finest ingredients - there is nothing artificial about our food. All recipes are made using locally sourced red meat, poultry and we use the freshest fruit, vegetables and natural herbs to create wholesome and delicious meals.

It's scrumptious–we offer a variety of meals so there's bound to be something in our ranges that will tickle their fancy.

It's a healthy, balanced diet - just like humans, our dogs need the perfect diet to maintain strong bones, muscles and digestion. Getting the balance right will mean a much happier, healthier dog, both inside and out. Our biologically appropriate raw food is 100% natural just as nature intended.

It's convenient - our raw food diet is the ‘no stress, no mess’ way to feed raw. Our food is packaged in easy to store tubs in various sizes and all you need to do is simply defrost and serve, it is that easy!

It's safe - we've got all our paperwork in order. We can provide full traceability from field to bowl and are processed under Wiltshire Council’s Environmental Health Officer and comply with the standards that you would find with a production facility making human food, until it gets labelled as dog food on leaving the butchery.

We have written this guide to provide you with more information about the many benefits from feeding a raw diet.

Enjoy the journey

 Mike and Lizzie
And our four-legged friends 

Email: info@stavordale.uk

Company No: GB10054599

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